My name is Nazario Graziano,
i’m an italian freelance illustrator, art-director, graphic-designer, dad.

My world is romantic, ironic, dreamy, with good background music.
I like to think of it as…

“A dive in the past with gore-tex lifesaver”

I take my inspiration from old books, illustrations for kids, sky, snow, rain and rainbows, my little princess Bianca, my wife, my cats, music, old-school skateboards, traditional tattoos, 80′s memories, 50′s sci-fi movies, typography and so much more that happens day by day…

I’m the owner of ADD studio/creativo , multidisciplinary studio founded in 2010, specializing in art-direction, branding, identity and graphic design.
I’m also the founder of RevolverLover and ANTI.
Finally, my hand-lettering projects are under the name: Black Drop.

Selected clients:

MTV, UN – United Nations, Universal, Toyota, Auchan, Hyundai, TBWA, Leo Burnett, ENI, Luxottica, DIRECTV, Rosetta Stone, SNCF, Greenpeace, GDF Suez, Saint Gobain, Konen, Canal Savoir, Le Gaulois, Beta Motor, Laqa & Co, Proraso and more…

Main editorial clients:

New York Magazine, Washington Post, Le Monde, M – Le monde, GQ, WIRED (u.k.), The Sunday Times, Entertainment Weekly, Chicago Magazine, Design Week, Fortune, Milk Magazine, Premiere, Style / Cds, Corriere della Sera, Runner’s World, Fast Company, Die Weltwoche, Philosophie Magazine (FR / DE), FM World, NBA rivista, 11Freunde, Mental Floss, Stern, National Geographic and more…

Book featured in:

Illustration Now!4 (Taschen), Taschen Calendar 2014 (Taschen), Musikraphics (viction:ary), Flash Back (viction:ary), PicNic Pop Folk (Retina y Retinette), Natural Recall (Qupè Paris), Postcard Book (FL@33), IdN 15 years, IdN – The New Twenties, Grafuck, Modern Vintage Illustration, Logology 2 (viction:ary), Modern Vintage Illustration (Batsford), Spaghetti Grafica, and more…

Interview, features and accolades:

IdN v.13/3 (interview + feat), Advanced Photoshop issue 52 (interview), Advanced Photoshop issue 43 (feat), Novum 10/7 (interview + feat), Illustrator Mundo (Editor’s choice), Le Monde (feat contributor), New Web Pick issue 8 and 25 (interview), STYLE (feat contributor), ELLE Girl / Korea (feat), Beautiful Decay (web feat), Picame (feat), Grab Magazine, Creazina, Bak Magazine (interview), Max – Ukraine (feat), Spoonfork – DE (Special guest), Delta Sky (feat contributor), MILK (feat contributor), GQ (feat contributor), (feat), Surfstation (feat), Netdiver (feat), Design Work Life (feat), Ventilate (feat), Doodlers Anonymous (feat), designaside (feat), The Loop (feat).

Online Interviews:

TOOMBES (ENG),  Black Book Magazine (USA), Spot the tiger (UK) , Proxart (USA), D.L.S.O (ITA), Lamono (ESP), Webfandom (ITA), Muse (USA), Baked Magazine (ITA), Friutfish (Taiwan), Le Cool / Roma (ITA), Una mano per il Gargano – Project (ITA), Artnois (USA), The Artfuls (USA)…

no-link = project/website over

Main Exhibitions:

  • 99 Novantanove
    (Group-show / Toolbox – Torino, 3/6 November 2016)
  • Natural Recall
    (Group-show / Vkhutemas Gallery – Moskow, June 2015)
  • Natural Recall
    (Group-show / Serra dei Giardini – Venice, Nov/Dec 2014)
  • BAZR
    (Group-show / — Paris, 11/14 Dec 2014)
  • Colagene – Positive Side Effects
    (Group-show / Corner44 – Paris 14 October 2014)
  • Superheroes
    (Group-show / D-Structure gallery – San Francisco, May 2011)
  • Konen and Bram stores
    (Personal / Konen and Brams stores – Munich and Luxembourg, 17/18 March 2011)
  • Colagene – Get your illustration fix
    (Group-show / L’Issue Gallery Alt Store – Paris 17 March 2011)
  • Colagene – Get your illustration fix
    (Yves Laroche art gallery / Montreal, 17/19 February 2011)
  • STT – Who’s in charge
    (Group-show / Dreamspace Gallery – London, 5/16 July 2010)
  • Nation, world graphic tour
    (Group-show / Officine Farneto – Rome, November 2009)
  • SynthEastwood Exhibition
    (Group-show – Dublin, October 2008)
  • Fuoriluogo 11
    (Group-show / Limiti Inchiusi Gallery – Campobasso, December 2006)
  • Big Babel
    (Personal with N.Micatrotta / Limiti Inchiusi Gallery – Campobasso, April 2006)
  • Art-Trek 2
    (Group-show – Antwerpen, 26 November 2005)
  • Gemine Muse
    (Selected Artist – Campobasso, November 2005)